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September 26, 2011
By Luckylucky GOLD, Hartford, Connecticut
Luckylucky GOLD, Hartford, Connecticut
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''be nice to others,everyone is fighting their own battles''
''only people who risk going far,know how far they can go''
''what have you done to make your life better?''

every tear drop defines my pain and my fear
mi heart cries everyday because u r not near
i love you and u left me,
but baby its not like i didn't care
i was so heart broken ,
the feeling of emptiness haunted me.
it was a pain i could not bear
i don't know what ever mi mistake was,
but i do regret everything that happened
baby please come back to me,
i am waiting for you here
and mi love for you is crystal clear.

from day to night and from dusk to dawn
i didn't ask for much but i did wish for one
to see you one more time before mi life is done
can't you see me? i am standing alone
come and hold me me in your arms
i want to feel your warmth.
every new day has gone old
summer passed and its time for cold
and you are still not here, i couldn't help but stare
at the empty side of bed, the empty side of closet
wondering why arent you here yet??

The author's comments:
well these were like two different incomplete poems but i decided to put them together as one poem since they both were basically sending a same message .

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