One Wind, Many Fires

February 27, 2008
The fire is roaring,and spitting as its are reaces out.

Come to me, be the same as many.
AS you get far away it whispers do what we do, say what we say.
Dont be one wind, be many fires.

The big combustion is all I see.
But you hear what they say about you.
They think they can criticize me.
They think they can criticize you.
But the reality is we all have faults, its a virtue.
Because without it there will be all fires no
Wind can exterminate fire, but if wind picks up the flame and it is equal and it spreads.
Be one wind, the note we send is say what you want because,
I no longer listen to you roar, I'm the wind, I'm louder, and prouder than you will ever be.

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