Just Another Girl

September 26, 2011
I wish that I could touch your arm
Look deep into your eyes
And spark a fire in your heart
To match the one in mine

I burn to tell you how I feel
How all I want is you
How day and night you're on my mind
It's hopeless, I'm consumed

Your eyes, your hair, your teasing smile
No one could ever compare
You're not the type I'm supposed to like
And I know but I don't care

Because everything you do is right
Regardless of how wrong
You're like no other, the perfect lover
So honest, thoughtful, so strong

Your voice with that Texas twang
Melts the butterflies in my chest
Til all I know is a soft warm glow
"You complete me" I almost confess

The whisper dies upon my lips
Even though you are my world
Because I know the truth is that to you
I'm just another girl

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