February 27, 2008
Is an apology enough
To erase a tortured past
When your days are short and wasted
And innocence can’t last

Choices I have made,
Mistakes that haunt me now,
Some would kill to know
I’d die to find out how.

Sometimes it’s hard to sleep
Sometimes it’s hard to dream
Sometimes someone dies
While no one hears her scream

I have walked beneath the shadow
Of an inconsistent heart
I only wish to find my place
But I don’t know where to start.

When I first heard someone ask of me
To lend a helping hand
I promised in the morning light
But in the dark I ran

Sometimes it’s hard to give
Sometimes it’s hard to feel
Sometimes it’s hard to be the one
Whose shoulder bears the tears

I ran from all my fears and goals f
Far into the night
I tried to climb a mountain but
I had no strength to fight.

I hid from friends and those I trust;
Drowning in the lies.
A war raged ‘neath a weeping moon
That shimmered in my eyes.

My heard had broken; split in two
To go its separate ways.
I went out for a walk to find
There’s no place I can stay

Sometimes it’s hard to find a friend
Sometimes no one’s there.
Sometimes it’s hard just to believe
That someone, somewhere, cares.

Sometimes it’s hard to let it go
Sometimes there is no rhyme.
Sometimes you’ll never find the one
Who’s guilty of the crime

Sometimes you face you’re greatest fears,
A task so hard to bear
While I may not be beside you now
Know always I am there.

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