Paradise on Earth

September 9, 2011
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Soft waves, rolling ashore,
A beautiful sunset reflecting the beach floor,
A tropical haven with plenty of fruit,
Toucans make the world go mute,
Maybe a waterfall, glistening in the sun,
Its mist calming all the problems one should shun,
Or what of a forest, beautiful and green,
It’s trees shading a place so serene,

But of it all, what of paradise?
Is it not a place of no sacrifice?
Is it a haven, a beautiful dove,
Is it where light always beams from above?

Paradise is a place free of worry,
Where there is never a hurry,
Where there is true pleasure,
To a point man cannot measure,
Yet it is a mistake easy to make,
And what many people believe is fake;

For paradise is no sandy beach,
And a waterfall and forest are false each,
Paradise is not something you take;
But rather is something you make,
And in everything you own,
Paradise is not shown,

See, paradise you cannot own,
And takes time to be shown,
But for what it is it is itself,
Requiring not prestige nor wealth,

Paradise, as all things, is give and take,
And what you give is what you make,
And if you give your heart you can stand tall,
Give your soul, give it your all,
Open your eyes, look above,
The outcome of giving – love;

So paradise is not soft waves rolling ashore,
It is not a beautiful sunset, reflecting the beach floor,
Nor is it a tropical haven, with plenty of fruit,
Not a toucan, making the world go mute,
False too is a waterfall, glistening in the sun,
As well as its mist calming all the problems one should shun,
And a pseudo forest, beautiful and green,
Also it’s trees shading a place so serene,

For paradise is sitting with a lover,
No one but each other,
Sitting close, hugging tight,
Holding on with all their might,
With no need for light to shine,
With each other they are fine,

Holding each other, feeling no hurt,
That, my friend, is paradise on Earth.

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