I Wish

February 27, 2008
By Victoria Bleiweiss, Dauphin, PA

I wish when I came home at night;
As I lay in my bed, and turn out the light.
I wish you were still here with me,
to lick my face, and watch tv.

Your fuzzy ears were always a comfort,
your big black tail always a relief.
You used to spend the day with me,
we would play, and play, and play.
You'd bark, and jump, I'd run and laugh.
I wish you were still here today.

I used to take you for granted.
That was my biggest mistake.
Now your gone, and I miss you so,
The days crawl by, long and slow.

In the last few weeks you were sick,
I could see the pain in your eyes.
The vet said it was cancer,
He said you were going to die.

The last few days were the hardest,
The days where you could hardly move.
You couldn't eat, not a single treat,
And I knew there was nothing to do.

The medicine made you feel better.
You had that old spark in your eyes.
But it was just the medicine helping,
The feelings were drug induced lies.

The day I left was the hardest,
I knew you were sad I was gone.
I said goodbye, and started to cry.
You stood and waited for me by the door,
Never knowing it was our last goodbye.

Two days later you were gone,
Our life together was done.
They said no pain was felt,
as they put you to sleep.
Our memories together I will forever keep.

I still have your collar,
I'll treasure it always.
My biggest regret was the time we never spent.
We took you for granted,
and that was our biggest mistake.

So I stay up at night,
As I turn out the light,
I wish I could go back in time.
I wish I could fix you.
I wish I could help you.
But most of all I wish you were still mine.

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