What Do We Live For

February 27, 2008
By ariel coleman, Greensboro, NC

What do we live for? Is it worth living for?

Is it worth hearing fate knocking at your door

Is it worth walking down the street with your head at you feet

Because you feel like the world has got your in defeat

Can you look at a child and see what they see

Can you honestly read this poem and say you understand me

Can you feel how it feels to know your about to die

Can you hear a broken heart when it crys

Do you really even care if the world is at it's end

Can you even call your enemy one of your friends

Can you forgive what you swore to never forget

Can you make it through life knowing what you did

Can you look at me and judge me for what I do

When I'm doing know more than you do

Do you look at a blind person and consider them blind

But you say your looking for yourself do you consider that blind

Do you know that you can't run from what you hide

Guilt is something you feel inside

Time is money, money is time

Do you offer to give a sick child just a dime

When you read this poem I hope you feel

That everything in it is one hundred percent real

I know this poem is going to make you think

You miss alot in just a blink!

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