February 27, 2008
She shoves my browned callused feet
into the stiff shiny spite of my new pair
of patent leather Mary Janes,
soft spotted bony Nana hands pushing
my tender freedom feet
against edges that clench and blister

And I cringe shameful
in my suddenly too bare legs,
my bony brown boy girl tree legs,
foreign in black wool tights and
black velvet whispering skirt,
and I am at once nakedly ashamed
and triumphant in my new woman shapes,
well aware that this is what
she's waited for

Nana smiles proudly,
pefect lipstick curving contented
over her creation.
Girl boy child,
you are anointed

Now half of me
shines proudly with Nana,
we twinkle into the mirror,
as I mimic graceful aching Nana
and point graceful aching feet,
and forget about
scampering climbing wild-eyed leaping

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