February 27, 2008
Music—the harmony of my world danced around
my eyes as I dissolved into its melody. Through
the classical tears and symphonic smiles, drumming
as I rocked above the beat to make a difference.
My style. My individuality. I was the conductor
of the show.
Soft staccato tears like the sound of triangles accompanied
the anger and sadness beating from my raging heart.
The power of separation and instability gapped my song,
but soon enough, the flutes of optimism dissolved the sorrow.
Sometimes it took pillow-punching hard rock to
overcome the electric guitar slamming inside of me.
The sweet symphony of passionate love
engulfed me as I hoped and dreamed in my stanza.
Oh, the beautiful stanza of marriage—the iron strings in my heart
I indeed trusted throughout our journey.
My heart beat the rhythm of the commotion
of my children around me as their own music—
though lacking tone with their crashes and random
spurts of melodies—sparked a longing.
A desire to lullaby
an everlasting smile to encourage the
generation of melodious souls after me.
The rhythm of my undying energy slowed
as I lay upon my bed the last time to an
eternal bliss. Through the obo of relieved sighs
and symphonic memories surrounding me, I
began to lower my baton. Even as my eyes closed
as I turned and bowed to my dreams with my arm
humbly crossed behind me, my lullaby, my song,
still sings like the peaceful everlasting echo
of a tambourine. My stanza ended but the world
will forever sway with my lullaby.
An undying whisper of harmony.

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