Right Now

August 31, 2011
By Majorr SILVER, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Majorr SILVER, Ann Arbor, Michigan
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Right now,
There are worms baiting,
Chefs plating,
Mathematicians equating,
Animals mating,
Natural storms devastating,
Impersonators imitating,
Politicians stating,
Software updating,
Judges rating,
Glands salivating,
Chicks incubating,
Extremists hating,
Human corpses disintegrating,
Puddles evaporating,
Police interrogating,
Gardeners cultivating,
High-Schoolers dating,
Pet Peeves irritating,
Detectives investigating,
All-Stars intimidating,
Artists creating,
Machines incinerating,
Chemicals seperating,
And still she is waiting.

The author's comments:
This isn't in my normal style, but it was very fun to write!

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