I Remember

August 31, 2011

I remember the ominous silence and peace
As we gathered and watched her, wrapped in blankets of fleece
We all remained with our heads bowed low
Silently waiting as death took its toll.

I remember not saying goodbye
Constantly thinking if this was all a dream or a lie
Still and silent with all these thoughts in my head
Not shedding one tear, my heart made of lead.

I remember the next morning, the look in her eyes
The sorrow within them just caused me to sigh
Broken hearts and cries filled the days and nights
I'd watch her, silently, and tried to be her light.

I remember the memories filling the days
I just sat quietly, on the ground my heart laid
Though no words of pain escaped my lips
I'd be there, watching her struggle as reality clicks.

I remember trying to be her light
The little, tinkling bell to her silent nights
Though no emotions portrayed on my face
I was hurt too, that was the case.

I remember not crying, not saying a word.
But wishing, always, to be able to bring her back to the world.

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