Chain Me Up

February 27, 2008
By Connor McGill, Holland, PA

Chain me up in metal and pain, dont tell me I'm a member in your game. The truth will be set one time, but every time i laugh you cry. The distance between wrong and right, affects people like you only slight. The torture that you put me through, is only noticed by me and you. Make me seem like I'm doing wrong, when all i had is one little problem. Explaining to you is no hope, for you never seem to understand, last time it was just a croak, now you wont even hold my hand. The twisted world known as my mind, all of it said to you, is the most unrealistic help, Anyone could ever do. I appreciate your laughing, I appreciate your help, but now the torture only lately, Feels like going through a windshield, With no seatbelt. You say you have to go, But where i never know, These chains and shackles hold me down, However, don't stop me from screaming help. When you leave, you never say goodbye. its always so fast, so harsh, it would make the boldest person cry. Giving up a topic is like sacrifice to you. Hold the grudge, as for me, i over care...

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