From A to B

February 27, 2008
By Tal'Meisha Frontis, Concord, NC

You made winter days feel warm
Fiery summer days seem cold
Ridded every pain
Gave me memories to hold
Flipped my frowns
Broadened my smile
Urged me to be myself
And follow my own style
You let your heart guide you
Never just your head
Made us feel like one
Leaving nothing unsaid
Loyalty, Care, Respect
You showed all the above
I feared my heart would burst
To full of love
I've made mistakes
Yet you did too
But like water
We always got through
Now alone and single
I ponder the fact
How could such sunshine
Go from yellow to black
Like a backwards fairytale
We started "happily ever after"
But like a pathetic novel
We ended on one chapter

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