Is this how much you love me?

September 9, 2011
By victoriathefreak BRONZE, Clearwater, Florida
victoriathefreak BRONZE, Clearwater, Florida
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Running in terror, the people have pained looks on their faces and teary eyes.

One little girl is shaking her mother, who won’t wake up no matter what she tries.

A wave of debris sweeps by, but she doesn’t care.

‘Is this how much you love me?’ she screams into the air.

A little boy is holding himself in a ball, hoping his father isn’t too upset

His father laughs at his pain and kicks him hard, with no regret

The little boy learned that being human comes with a fee,

He looked to the sky and thought, “Is this how much you love me?”

The puppy was helpless, it was young and definitely not a fighter

It whimpered as the teenagers burned it repeatedly with a lighter.

They laughed and pointed, ‘Keep burning it! It’s so ugly!’

The puppy spoke to God, ‘Is this how much you love me?’

She locked herself in her bathroom and sunk down to the floor

Another long day of bullying and teasing she had to endure

Confused and lonely, wishing she would die

‘Is this how much you love me?’ She said as a tear ran down her eye

With constant turmoil, there's always someone to blame

If God is real, then we're players in his game

Mixing it up keeps it as interesting as need be

Disregarding the power to save, I have to ask; does God even love me?

The author's comments:
After going through a tough time the past few years of High School, I've come to realize that there's worse going on in other's lives. This all comes to the same conclusion; if there's a God, why doesn't he help us?

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