February 27, 2008
The atrocity of this hazardous ground
is what keeps my eyes closed
and halts my feet,
fingers shaking,
reaching blindly for sustenance.
I can feel the light
and it does not cross my mind
that all it creates
is shadows.
My heart is pulling me down
and I weigh upon the ground
like hillsides of open graves.
Contamination seeps from my hands,
a symptom of corruption;
the outcome of unrelenting freedom.
The ground trembles
and begins to crumble
as a solution of despair is finally released
from the remains of a thousand tongues -
A sea of redemption.
It steals the subtle breath
timidly residing in my lungs
and the stopped up words
finally flow like tears from my eyes.
Peace comes with much turmoil.
Rest echoes of gunfire and fear.
And happiness bears its weaponry.
Terror radiates from the hearts of nations
and rebounds off the horizon.
The world was hostile to this
redemption – a sea of redemption.
The clouds sigh and breathe rain
to the ground
in frightening silence.
All eyes open and search the sky,
throats raw, nerves screaming
from the pain of confessions.
To tell them they belong,
the sun comes as a messenger.
The cleansed path
speaks of miles to go,
lit by rays as delicate as angels’ wings;
color creeping into
the countless shades of gray.

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