Even Dust

September 15, 2011
By Porkpye GOLD, Waterford, Michigan
Porkpye GOLD, Waterford, Michigan
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Favorite Quote:
"Destiny is the word fools use to describe that which they are too weak to change"
Fridriech Niechze

Human will can be broken and shattered;
Human will can be bruised and maimed;
Mangled, mutilated, torn asunder;
But it shall always remain;
For human will is crystal;
And each fragment can be used to recreate the whole;
From memory alone, if nothing else;
Human will always prevails in the end;
If not by the actions of one, then by the power of many;
They shall rise, even when broken;
For from dust we came;
And to stars we shall ascend;
Human will is crystal;
It is fragile;
But it is undying;
And never can it vanish;
For even dust is part of the whole…

The author's comments:
Got the for this one after watching Doctor Who. If you want the Specifics:
Tenth Doctor, David Tennant/
Episode 13, Season 3/
Last of the Time Lords (WATCH IT!)

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