Unspoken Words

February 27, 2008
The words of truth linger in our minds ready to be spoken,
to be heard, to over power the lies.

You see families bleed because of these mendacity, sweet to the ear of the blinded.
The government involved directly, so it’s unstoppable.
Hearing the truth is hard, when you got strings attached,
and forming the words on your lips is absurd.

The words are spoken but never heard.
Silence can’t be contaminated by the truth, it will cause corruption.
People want to blame others for their imperfections,
so we leave the truth sleeping with our dreams.

Ignorant, are those that aren’t concerned,
the ones that refuse to take the blindfold off
Even when they see innocent people hiding in fear,
from those that promised equality.

We see people’s life’s ruined by the words that lied,
the pain they feel knowing the truth remains unseen.
But yet we continue to forget the truth
and live in a world over powered by the false meaning of words.

Minority is an obscure word for unwanted
Illegal immigrants now stands for broken dreams,
And freedom is a word little by little
becoming silent to the ear

The truth remains in the words unspoken.
So let the truth be said for all those to hear
We’re not the enemy,
We’re a lie, created by the words they spoke.
The truth rests, in the words unspoken.

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