February 27, 2008
By ShiNiece Hunt, Altavista, VA

For the past couple of days you've been on my mind

I'll try to talk to you but there's always and interference

Then when I can talk to you

Someone else thinks they can too

It's kinda hard liken you

Cause 3 of my friends do too

Every other day they say that you and them are through

But I know it aint true

I see the way do them and treat them

So I dont think i wanna be them

But my lust for you keeps pulling me in

I fight my feelings over and over again

I don't want you

But then again I do

I know I could get you

If I would just try

But I wont let myself

But its the way you say hi, bye, and wink your eye

I've got to get wit you for just one day I must

But It will neva be love just lust

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