I Sit

February 27, 2008
I sit waiting for the day to come
When u come back.

I sit and wait
I sit and wait with my pride in the front of my feeling to the back.
Just to see how you reacted
I sit and wait
I sit and wait for the day when you do it to.

I sit and wait
I sit and wait for the anger to go.
But it doesn’t go. But show. Holding
All my feeling in just for you.
Not for me. But for u.
Just waiting for the day.
I sit and wait

Well to wait you must have time
And time is the most presrue thing to have.
So how about I stop waiting and just
Just let the day come. In the time to be there
That maybe u will do it to. And have time for
Yourself and have time for me. And just spend my
Time not waiting and just move on for me.
Cause maybe I have no more time to wait just to move
To think about me.

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