A Different Perspective

February 27, 2008
By Gabrielle Grano, Old Bethpage, NY

To mellow away with my music would be the best day I've lived
It’s not [metaphorically] speaking drugs, which you assumed anyway
You know me all wrong, and I’m not surprised at your lack of ability
But my music is my mind, and one of the ways I’ve learned to escape you.

To draw sadness and heartbreak could make my week
I’m not depressed, or suicidal, in any shape or form
Your ignorance caused you to think this way, and always will
The truth of it is I draw to keep myself aware of the pain the world, and you, can cause.

To be that person who starts a riot might change my life
I’m not acting out, but of course, you’ll deem me as [childish] rebel
You can’t see the beauty of change, and you’ve already made up your mind
When all I want is to revolutionize thinking so we don’t end up like you, close-minded.

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