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find the key words..

September 9, 2011
By Anonymous

In everyone of us there is some energy,skills,and super power, some of us found it, the other not yet, but sure in one day he will find it, and if that didn’t happened, be sure that there is some thing wrong. to find them you should get something before, that’s a three key words: hope full.. freedom.. and PEACE. if got them say thanks god, and if you didn’t say itrust in you god, and if you saw some one that didn’t found them be sure that that’s from your duty to help him, because you don’t help him, you help your self,your folk,your country, and you world, because you live in this world so your an individual of it, and lets be a family in this world when someone has something wrong everyone now that the family has something wrong.

And to get the key words you should to trust in your god in your self and in the others, because by the trusting you will feel well, because you belive that when you need a help your god will help you, the others will help you, and you could to pace the matter because you trust in your capacities, so the matter we talking about based on the trusting, and when you got it you will get the key words, and find your inside powers, then when you see another many people got it, now that you living in a world that contains: A HOPE FULL.. FREEDOM.. & PEACE..

The author's comments:
this is something from my heart...

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