Devil on the Right, Angel on the Left

February 27, 2008
By Chad Bernstein, New City, NY

She comes out during the worst of times,
Only to ruin my previous actions.
Sometimes I have relief,
When on my left shoulder,
My angel comes out to play.

On the right shoulder,
She always stands tall,
Controlling my every move,
Where I walk,
When I eat,
Who I talk to,
And how I live.

But, there is relief some of the time,
When my angel on the left shoulder,
Comes out to play.
She, on my right,
Is afraid of the angel on my left.
Unfortunately the left,
Doesn’t show as frequently as I wish she would.

But as I grew,
She didn’t appear on my right shoulder any more.
She was gone, vanished in the wind,
My angel on my left never showed either.

I couldn’t live with them,
And now I can’t live without them.
I am scared, and confused,
Clueless and demolished.

She always led me in a direction,
Not always the right direction,
But a direction.

Now she cannot help me,
I must carry on with my life,
By my self, guiding myself.

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