Why Her and Not Me?

February 26, 2008
By Christy Swearer, Newtown, PA

The first day of 6th grade I came and took a seat
I looked over and saw somebody who I wanted to meet
This somebody was very special to me
She made my mind wonder free
I sat down and said do you want to be partners
She said hold on so I did
When I looked in her eyes I knew there was something there
A person full of love, respect and care
Adriana had a sickness
Even though there was no cure
Adriana had diabetes,.. It was for sure
We became best friends and always were
We were there for each other through thick and thin
Whenever I was angry or sad she took away my grin
We will always be best friends even till this day
God I want you to know that everyday I pray, for her I pray
7th grade came along and even though we were split up
We were always in each others hearts
One day Adriana had news for me
She took out her shoes and said sign these
I said there’s something wrong you can tell me please!
I’m moving Christy,… moving away
My heart was no longer whole
It was split in two
Adriana said it’s ok, we’ll make it through
My heart was broken that day
I new it would never be the same way
Adriana moved away,… far away from me
I knew without her I would not be free
She moved far away not year
We stopped talking for a year
One day her uncle came to our door step
Full of tears and shame
It’s all my fault it is not her I blame
I lost my best friend that day
It would always be that way
She did not take her pills
Candy and sweets everywhere
She lay on her bed and just stare
Stare into the eyes of god
Not here with us she still is not blamed for
As I burst into tears I go to her viewing
I ask her father “sir, what is she doing”
She’s sleeping honey and always will be
I always wonder why her and not me?
Adriana was my her and still is
She is with her mother now and not with me
But deep down in my heart
I knew that’s where she was meant to be.

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