Letting it Go

February 26, 2008
By Ramon Cuaya, Bronx, NY

The moment I saw you,
Nothing could compare to you.
Nature’s will has made us
Good friends, although you were
Already in someone’s arms.
After the death of your first love,
You were free to wander around,
Love has betrayed; I have not.
You’ve been more sympathetic to me,
After my first love went wrong as well.
We’ve talked and talked and have come closer than ever
We’ve had our ups and downs, our nights of freedom
But do you consider me a friend?
I do, I’ve always have.
Lately, you’ve stopped talking to me.
It maybe my imagination, or
Probably exaggeration.
But ever since my confession,
Nothing seems the same.
You seem afraid to look at me.
Or talk to me.
But I forgive; I worry though, that you won’t forgive me.
No one ever knows what I feel,
Or what I’ve felt.
I go through nights awake,
Thinking of everyone,
My future, their future, your future
I eve start crying,
Worrying over nothing.
Or perhaps my isolation,
My way of living.
Being, or to you, feeling cut off from my life.
You say there are many for me, and
I believe you’re wrong for once my dear.
If there are so many for me,
Where are they?
To tell the truth,
I see you
In that field of nothing.
My feelings, my isolation, the depression
Are not letting me go.
And I’m not ready
This love, is back in my mind,
And deep in my heart.
Letting it go,
Is never easy to do.
We both know,
In our own ways.
Days and nights go by
We grow up,
Our classes, our teachers
Matter not.
For I wonder what you feel for me.

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