Nightmare Of A Seaside Cliff

September 16, 2011
By , Gilbert, AZ

This is a story.
One that will haunt your thoughts by day.
And poison your dreams by night.
To torture your mind.
No photo nor film could ever show that happening.
No words could possibly describe that terror.
Not that moonless night, the world collapsed on itself.
That night that Edena died.

She took her final breath.
Lying there in the sand.
I kissed her cold lips, and tasted her blood on my tongue.
She whispered to me...
She told me he came at last...came for bitter sweet revenge.
She told me of the grave he dug, her seaside tomb...
She spoke of the beat that stole her life away/
She spoke of the hate that burned his eyes...she cringed.
The light in her words had extinguished.

Death stalked near...
She shuddered as her soul was ripped...clear from her chest.
Her eyes clouded...a pupil's storm re-happening.
The wind howled, unity with her shrieking.
The waves carried her breath away in a shallow tide.

I stood after her last heartbeat faded.
And watched from that loathsome waterfront.
her blood leaving a trail to tell the story.
My footprints erased slowly by the sea/
Leaving me nowhere in the world.

Here from this coast land cliff...
I can still hear her screaming...
I drown in her cooling blood.
it slicks my arms.
Slides down my face.
My hand grasps the dagger...crimson drips.

I am the monster.

The author's comments:
Ispired by a nightmare, and an Alesana song.

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