February 26, 2008
It’s the chill that crawls down your spine;
You close your eyes,
You try to hide.
Yet it finds you in your dreams
And you let out a horrific scream.

The twilight zone is here and now,
So is ‘It’ the killer clown;
Snakes wriggle about covering the ground,
You try to scream but can’t hear a sound.

Falling, falling to the ground, you land,
Spiders cover your body and hands;
Darkness surrounds you, there is no light.
You should be afraid of whose out at night.

Jason, Leather face, Freddy Kruger,
Hitchhikers who are really psycho killers;
Someone grabs you, you can’t hide,
They take you away and torture you inside.

Sometime later you wake up, you’ve been buried alive,
The walls are closing in and you start to cry,
You awake with a jolt of panic and fear,
You stare into your closet only to see something there…

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