A Life of Love

February 26, 2008
By Shannon Kelly, Lincoln, NE

Out the window, children are playing.
Do they know about life?
Do they need to?
Dip into my memories,
Know what I’ve done,
Why you have your freedom,
Why I fought those wars.
And my love,
I promised letters,
So letters you’ll get,
And where’ve you gone?
I still don’t believe it.
(A box in the dresser drawer full of your things.)
I think about you often because
Lately I’ve found I can’t walk as much
Or see as well,
And all my friends are
Passing on before my very [old] eyes
And yet your love is fresh and young
Like those dozen roses on our first anniversary.
So time passes on,
I am forced forward with every
Of the clock,
But I promised letters my love,
So letters you’ll get.

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