All I Want is You

February 26, 2008
By Erika Forney, Melcher, IA

All i want is you and you'll never know
I just sit her waiting for this plant to grow
Ever since the plant was put into this pot
Our love has been more than we thought

From the roots of our flower is where it starts
Down deep into each others heart
Is when you asked me to be your girl
And ever since than all that comes to this flower is a bird

I go the the flower every day to give it some food
Hoping that the flower will never get a wound
The roots are done growing
Just like the beginning of what we are becoming

Then the green starts to start coming from the ground
Like the foot steps we take on the ground
The flower starts to grow and gets its feet
Just like how i want to fly just to meet

The leaves start to grow from the body of the plant
Just like that touch when we met
Being your girl seems so easy
But from this flower it just takes a breezy

The flower starts its bump at the top
Like when i want to jump up to you and give you a hug
It starts to come apart so you can seen the colors
Just like the color when we blush

It is out in the open for everyone to see
Just like they see me and you and make a seen
The flower smells so great
Like the calon you just sprayed

As you can see our flower has grow
Just like you love that started with no bumps
Those bumps that we had were so great
That every time i saw you the bumps in my heart went so fast
As fast as this flower as lasted

Our love is so much more than this flower
But has been here so long that we never have to bother
The love we shared started at the root
And know look at it, it looks so good.

As you can see our love we never end
Because this flower will never die my friend
I count each leaf on the flower
And further i get you love me more

Love me more than what we started
From the root of the flower
And look where its ended

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