Forget Me Not

February 26, 2008
By Chelena Kump, Bellevue, NE

Sweet Silent Agonizing heartbreak sing me to sleep pour me your best poison and forget me.

Delicate, Delicious, tantalizing, beauty leave me alone slam the door in my face and forget me.

Climatic, generous, betraying, hope, faint at the sight of me, push me into an abyss and forget me,

Lovely, wonderful, serenading, man run your fingers through my hair whisper goodbye but do not forget me.

I will let you leave and I will let you go...I will even let myself love again but do not forget me.

Do not shun me like all the others let me prosper in your mind.

You won't have to look at me you won't have to think on me, so do not forget me.

You may hate my memory you may want it banished, but I beg you for the last time do not forget me.

For it is not fair.

I can't forget you.

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