What is Love ?

September 10, 2011
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What is love ?
What is loves cause?
A selfish law
This brain,this human brain is so flawed!
Love a word so complex its hard to dissect
But true love ,real love is hard to detect.

So i ask yet again what is love?
Love that is often mistake
for lust an infatuation

This work describes a feeling
That without your partner you are left kneeling!
So can like a pill love be take ?Or like keys love be obtained?
It is something in the air do you breath it in ?
Or like fall is it a season?
To have this wonderful feeling!

But alas why is love so hard to find
Why when your happy with a person fate will not be so kind
An they will not be made mine

But alas the word is love an what is it?
Is a word really strong enough to express an emotion?
but really is there that much movement in you heart ?
For the other part of your heart

So again i ask what is love ?

Is love just simply a word to breath ?
Or is it the feeling that makes your knees weak
your heart beat
an your face run red ?
Many times has it been said...
But how many times has it been felt?

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