It Kills You

September 11, 2011
By iHoldTheKEY BRONZE, Atlanta, Georgia
iHoldTheKEY BRONZE, Atlanta, Georgia
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Favorite Quote:
Logic Will Get You From A to B .Imaginationg Will Take You Everywhere -Albert Einstein

You are put on a throne

And you get everything you want

And it kills you to know

That I won't bow down

You walk around town

And everyone thinks your so cool

That they come up to you just to kiss your shoes

But it kills you to know

That i wont fall to the ground

You are the funniest person in the world

And everyone laughs when you speak

But it kills you to know i wot even squeak

You are the greatest warrior

And you have put so many into graves

But it kills you to know i wont give in to defeat

You're at the top of the world

And one day you're going o fall

And it's going to kill you when you realize

I was right all along

The author's comments:
Someone who thought they were the best in everyway inspired me to write this piece. I hope that when people read this piece that they feel empowered.

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