Like the Anger

February 26, 2008
Like the anger towards the tearing down of trees
It will never be over
They stand up so high
Branches of content
Then comes the destroyer of all mankind
It’s causing the crisis in me
And I don’t know how to let go
For I fear if I try
I might just lose control
You stand around me with ax in hand
You’re cutting me down
But you don’t realize it
You feel you’re making it useful
But you’ll never know the extent of what you’ve done to me
Now walk away
Cause I’m a believer in karma
You get what you deserve, and you deserve worse
You took the one thing that fueled my soul
With your selfishness that I hate so
Don’t cut me down, not now, not ever
My roots are strong, and I’ll use them for good
But you will never know what it’s like
To be me, like a tree.

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