leaving it all in yesterday

September 13, 2011
By riversain DIAMOND, Clearlake, California
riversain DIAMOND, Clearlake, California
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looking through broken glass
looking at the memories that well never last
looking into an unforgiving pass

lost in time
lost without you steel being mine
pretending that I'm fine

slowly I'm loosing my grip on life
i no longer trust myself with a knife

pain is every were
i try to zone out
i try to think clear
i just want to be aware
i just want to disappear

can you hear me
can you see
why cant you see past what is not me
why cant i let me be free

im closing my eyes to disappear
I'm hoping my dreams well bring you hear
but every night i have an unwanted nightmare

i want to beleave that your gone
but i steel see your shadows
so i know in a way im wrong

i want to stay forever with you
but your life is through
without you hear i no longer know what to do

only in my dreams do you live
why God this burden do you give

flying away
leaving this pain in yesterday
im running today
but i wouldn't die for you is something i could never say
im leaving all my tear hear to stay

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