A Friend

September 13, 2011
By aviationgirl2010 BRONZE, Burien, Washington
aviationgirl2010 BRONZE, Burien, Washington
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You sat by me in that one class, when I didn’t know your name

Life was nerve racking then, but no one was to blame

We talked, and learned, and joked, and laughed each day without end

I was then realizing that you might be a friend

I learned your name, and where you’re from, and many other things

You showed me and you taught me things I’d never seen

Each day I spent with you, at school and on the bus

You dealt with all my laughter and dealt with all the fuss

I still talk to you when I still can because you should always know

What your friend is doing and where ever she will go

Life is different now than it was back then

But one thing remains, I still have a friend

We meet at malls, and grocery stores, and places where we can

And I write things just like this, so you know I’m your biggest fan

You will read them and you will think whatever comes to mind

I’m hoping when you think of friends, you’ll always know you’re mine

You still play that lovely music that inspired me

The pretty notes that go together all on key

There is something that happens when I play that music too

I remember that I have a friend, that friend is you

You were there when I learned things aren’t always what they seem

I learned that the sun always shines, and I am always free

I have memories of you and I, every now and then

You told me once, and you don’t have to say it again

You said “you are a strong person, and you can do anything”

“If you are feeling sad, you can give me a ring”

Now I have to say that you are the best I’ve ever had

You support me every day and make me feel glad

As I write this I know one thing, and I’m sure you know this too

Life would just be nothing if I didn’t have you

Thank you for doing all of this, and making me feel amazing

You have been my friend through every little thing

I have written this from my heart, and to you I will send

This message from my heart, that you will always have a friend

I will be here for you until the very end

When the world is bare and empty, you will still have a friend

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