February 25, 2008
By Olga Shperun, Huntingdon Valley, PA

June is full of fun!
Mostly because school is done!
She shines like a noblesse,
For she feels like she is wearing a beautiful dress.

A colorful dress with imprints of blossom,
Pastel peonies and daisies and roses look awesome.
Beautiful buzzing bumble bee
Flying forward feeling free!

Looking at the color of navy blue,
No one can take their eyes away from the great ocean view.
Everyone is tempted to take a dip,
Or sail to a far away place on a big giant ship.

Kids feel like they hit the home run,
Since they spend everyday under the noonday sun.
The sun lightly touching the children with caress,
While they sit on their porches reading the newly printed press.

June is the time to tramp
Towards the location of our favorite camp!
Having a great time with our family and friends,
We hope that June never ends!

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