February 25, 2008
By Tiffanee Smith, Golden Valley, AZ

suicide is a strong word
often said but hardly heard
you're going to take your own life
by finally lying down that knife
you say you have had all you can take
as you lye there and start to shake
you have emptied the bottle
and finally pushed it full throtle
you're in you last hour
realizing you have givin up all power
you no longer have control
as your whole body has been stole
you cant turn back now as you wish

if only,somehow?
you write down your last note
as your mind drifts away like a boat
you're starting to go
as everything in you starts to slow
you see a light and a familiar face
now your life rides on this final race
it's you against the clock
as you body goes into shock
But God lets you go
and gives you time for a longer show
you have been givin a second shot
because he loves you a lot

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