I Wish You Could See What I Do

February 25, 2008
By Brianna harris, Pinellas Park, FL

I wish you could see what I do.
She lies, she cheats.
She gots you so caught up in the game, you are blinded by love.
She got a boyfriend that she has been with for a long time, you think she will drop every thing?
She messed up something you were happy with.
She don't treat her man good now,
what makes you think it'll will be different for you? Truth; it won't.
I'm not hatin, you are my best friend and i don't want to see you get hurt.
You saw what was going to happen to me, and you werer right,
Now the same thing for you,
only in reverse.
I am seeing what's going to happen,
and i know i'm right about it.
She is allowed to be happy,
and you aren't.
Please don't get hurt.

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