Your Name

February 25, 2008
By Angel Graves, Oriskany Falls, NY

Your name is so cute.
I whisper it in the night.
Wishing you were by my side, hoping everything’s all right.
But it’s ok,
As long as your mine.
I know my hearts yours and yours is mine.
I get knots in my stomach when you’re on my mind.
You’re my weakness,
It’s so clear, I want you near.
When I think of you the sunshine abases the room.
My life has turned optimistic even my mom sees the change!
Almost three months ago love would be a word I hated.
But now I’ve found my purpose.
I’m writing cheesy poetry, which I don’t usually do.
This is no game.
If I had money I’d be on a plane straight to where you are.
Just to hold you tight and to know everything will be all right.

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