For a Grandfather

February 25, 2008
By Katie McCarthy, Mahanoy Plane, PA

As I read a book for an assignment
or draw pictures in the left alignment
my mind wanders, though i should be working
Inside a memory is stirring, lurking

I know I cannot bring you back
to create more memories that I now lack
As I grow older they begin to fade
and are not much more than a simple haze

I was so young when you had to leave
Do you see the things that I acheive?
Are you ashamed of my mistakes?
the right choices I failed to make?

So many times things seem dark and gray
but I know this life will turn out the right way
On my journey, hold my hand
Help me so that I understand

I admit to not knowing very much about you
but I promise I would never doubt you
You watch me now from up above
If there's one thing I remember, I remember your love.

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