After the Storm

February 25, 2008
My life was not a long walk in the park
Am like a lonely girl walking in the dark.
You look at me and see the good,
But look inside and it don’t look like it should.
I been hurt to points of no return.
My heart feels like I have multiple burns.
I cried all my tears out ‘til there is no more of me
And my eyes are so puffed that I can’t see.
I look to God to ask him why I feel this way
Why I feel like this day after day.
But ‘til this day I found my healer.
Am like a crack addict who found my dealer.
No more cries to cry.
No more tears for tears.
No more hurt for hurt.
Now I can feel more than dirt.
I can look in the mirror now,
And see a beautiful girl who’s not lost anymore,
A girl with two feet on the floor,
A girl who’s not trapped with a closed door.
I love this healer with all my heart.
Thanks for Howard
There are no more worries.

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