To Eyes Called Blue

February 25, 2008
By Rachel Pierce, Phoenix, AZ

To eyes called blue
and teeth that glow red
I am trapped-within-this-

I'm surrounded
by those of a thousand times
greater an age than I
who tell me things that
I know and realize

They talk and blow at the atoms
that lie between us
as memories resurface,
pictures of my times of understanding
when I first realized the topic
of which they now preach

As when I reply
to blow back at forgotten air
I'm soonly sliced
and left cold

"I have no say!"
I bellow at my walls
"my age might be but I an not a ditto!
I am not the shadow of the 'eligible at 12' crowd!"

Still, in their caverns, wet and hollowed
they still hold pictures
of me at the center
of a heard of iSheep

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