Unspoken Words

February 25, 2008
By jasmine west, Greenville, SC

Looking at the world differently than it looks at me.

Praying, writing, remincing

of all the

words,stares and threats

that were sent out to destroy me Though my body may look

small, fragile, and weak
God bless me with a mouth
so therefore i speak
my unspoken words
and because im a teen they may not be heard
But thats alright, its okay
Because i know i will accomplish my dreams one day
there will be some who don't want me to succeed
but, i have a secret weapon-
" I believe" and that itself can carry me to where i want be
And no one can tell me what i can accomplish but me

Never judge a book by its cover
is what i always say
because that teen you said wouldn't make it will be a
world changer one day
I have generations of wisdom deep down
in my soul
i have faith so i shall accomplish my dreams one day
I will not quit nor will i stop
Not until i have reached the top
And even from there i will continue to go
Continue to better myself and continue to grow
This is something i promise to do
Don't never think you can't because you can make a difference too
And no matter what
I will always Believe in you

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