February 25, 2008
By Kerianne Doran, New Canaan, CT

i see you standing over me,
and i want to take it all back.
take back all of those things that i have said,
take back all of those things that i have done.

my vision is blurring, and my hands are growing weak,
but i’ll really try now, to make up for the time that we have lost.

throughout life, we all make mistakes;
some larger, some smaller, and some more than others.
i feel that i have hurt so many people, however you more than the rest.
and i feel that i should make amends before i am put to rest.

For the times that i have hurt you,
for the times that i offended you,
for the times, that you told me to stop
and i kept going,
for the times, i bullied you
for the times that i made you cry,
for the times, that i left you alone,
for all of these things, i’m everlastingly and forevermore sorry.

like rain after a sunny day, i must’ve made your life hard,
and i know what you went through, whether you believe it or not.
and throughout all of the things that i’ve been through,
i know you’ve been through worse.

so this poem is dedicated to you
and all the things that you’ve been through.
and i hope that you accept it, with gratitude and forgiveness,
but even if you don’t,
just know forever and ever, that i am sorry.


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