Harlequin Regrets

September 2, 2011
By Anonymous

Sinking sinking down below
No one hears my call you know
Someone save me from my past
Catch me,catch me,falling fast
Downward spiral,hear my call
I can't see the sun at all
Nameless,shameless,thats my game
Until I feel the morning rain
Sunlight covered by the clouds
Someone listen I'm screaming loud
Help me,save me from these regrets
Do you really not get me yet?
Look at me,see my face
Anyone could take this place
So many have seen the truth
But you refuse,you refuse
Let them in,thats all I know
On my heart grows so much mold
Mildewed spiders running free
Somebody just SEE me
Take a piece of me,I won't tell
But don't be surprised by my mornings yell.

The author's comments:
I used to be into a lot of drugs.It caused a lot of problems in my life.I was sleeping around and doing things I shouldn't have.My biggest problem though was that my own mother and those closest to me never cared to look deep enough to see what was going on and reach out and help me.The sleeping around continued because I was trying to find some way to feel cared about but when morning came he was just another regret.My life is back on track now after intensive rehab and therapy but I really channeled my past feeling when I wrote this.

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