Here We are Again

February 25, 2008
By Thomas Bussian, Cape May Court House, NJ

Here we are again
Same spot
Staring at the clock
Feeling like time stop
But we sit back
And watch the hours fly by
Asking ourselves these questions
That we already answered
Through the white lies
Of our everyday lives
But we've already forgotten that
The clock is spinning out of control
One, five, ten, twelve
It's a new day
And it's all over
There’s no control
No reins to hold
We so far out
Our hearts are doused with gasoline
It’s getting to harder to breathe
My eyes turn red and
Tear drops of blood form
They shatter like glass balls; I fall
I’ve made my last call
Where should I go?
Is there nothing I can do?
To stop this pain that I hold
It’s forced me to turn so cold
Im lost in between the white lines
Give me a sign
That there’s still hope for me
Or this could be the last
Breath that I take
Ill end it
If there’s nothing left for me
I stare into the emptiness of your soul
And the blackness of your heart
My harvested alcohol addiction
Tears me apart
But there’s still a part of you; a strength
That I love and it keeps me hanging on
Hoping that one day ill again
Stand on my own

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