I Hope

September 12, 2011
By Brydaniele BRONZE, Kansas City, Kansas
Brydaniele BRONZE, Kansas City, Kansas
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I hope I never have to leave
Before I’m ready to say goodbye,
To go and leave this place
To another in the sky.
To go would be my greatest accomplishment
And it seems my greatest pain.
To leave whom I loved behind
As if to grieve in my name.
I aspire to be great
Before I have to leave this earth,
Making it known to all
That my life here once held worth.
I want to be remembered for something great
Or even curing HIV,
But what I want most of all
Is that you’ll remember me.
I want you to remember me
With a smile upon your face,
Because even though it hurts
I’m in a better place.
I’ll miss all the laughter
And even some of the pain,
But I now know what it means
When you have to die to gain.
I’ve gained eternity
And lost a day,
The same day that I died.
Where everything just stopped
And my life less body lied.
I’m unspeakable grateful
To be up in heaven
Sitting beside his thrown,
But I can’t help to feel guilty
Cause I’d rather be back home.
My biggest fear is dying,
Because I don’t know what happens next,
But when it is my time
I will leave
I just hope that it’s not yet.

The author's comments:
i wrote this poem because lots of people around me were dying, so i wrote it to sort of ease the tension.

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