September 12, 2011
By Brydaniele BRONZE, Kansas City, Kansas
Brydaniele BRONZE, Kansas City, Kansas
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I hear a lot of
Floating around my ear
Talking about that girl
Who her
Oh did you hear.
So I say forget about the haters
And forget the I heards
Cause people talk in stuff
But aint said nothin
But words.
Talkin about he said
And she said that
Repeating jealous lies
Like a rewound track.
They say stuff about you
To the point it can hurt
Making you feel like nothing
As if your life has no worth.
Belittling you to
Less than you amount
Until you explode
And start to break out.
Out of the box
Society placed you in
Where there’s no way out,
But to end the begin.
Beginning of the vicious
Cycle where gossip lye’s
Fear tends to wander
And kindness resides.
Behind all the respect
People once knew
You’ll find a person
With a name
I call him you.
You the person
They call the names
And plaster up for criticism
On a thick glass plane.
You the one who deserves to be head
And not just on mute
But as a person with words.
You the person
Who deserves to be free?
Never to be bullied again
And I hold the key.

The author's comments:
I Wrote this about people being bullied. It was to tell others how it feels and it was also to let people know that its not ok.

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