Little Pills

September 9, 2011
By allie_07 BRONZE, Bozeman, Montana
allie_07 BRONZE, Bozeman, Montana
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Those little white pills so easy to swallow,
in my own self pity I wallow.
Handful after handful,
passing in and out,
trying to take myself away,
to a place that holds no doubt.
The demons inside me find their way out,
leaning over that white bowl,
realizing its time to leave this town.
Time to leave this state,
this country,
this world.
Never to be seen again,
my thoughts becoming unfurled.
Sent away,
to a "better place",
no one can help me,
until the memories are erased.

The author's comments:
Experience inspired me to write this poem. I hope that if anybody ever feels this way, you will decrease those feelings in healthy ways. It only gets better from here. <3

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