As I Glance Down

February 24, 2008
By Courtney Barnett, Mason, OH

As I glance down at the beautiful blade,
Remembering all of the horrible mistakes I made,
Tears cascading down my cheek,
Feeling dead and spiritually weak.

Pretty pills lay on the table beside me,
Resorting to this perverted remedy,
I plan to shear open wounds unto my skin,
Realizing the darkness shining within.

But here stands a picture of my savior, my soulmate,
The one who has morphed my awful fate.
What would they say of my cruel mind?
Would I be leaving something behind?

I lower the razor of fate to the floor,
Irefuse to let myself cry anymore.
Too much keeps me by my beloved's side,
I slowly realze it's only part of me that died.

So I gaze towards the once empty Heaven's in prayer,
Knowing now that I can find Him anywhere.

When I feel lost or in eternal pain,
When I feel like life is in utter disdain,
I look to him and smile,
And know life isn't all that vile.

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