Tree of Love

February 24, 2008
Man, you’re so cool
I liked you even when you weren‘t there, well, I’ll say more
I liked you a lot
Even though we’re not committed
And even though we’ve been friends for years
I want to tell you that
I saw you for the first time nearby on the swing
Playing with your toy soldiers
And I was coloring in my coloring book
Yet underneath that tree we were smiling, off in our own worlds
Not knowing that we would grow to love each other
Not knowing that our goofy faces would turn into looks of love and glances of affection
Not knowing that our fear of cooties would turn to be fine for what we do
We didn’t know that the paper that said check yes or no if you like me
It would be no need, because we would already know
And I didn’t know that I could look at you
And know in my heart that you were my love
That my heart would beat faster
Every time you were near
And I dream and daydream about you, remembering kissing you underneath that tree from years ago
And you would nod off and never express your feelings
Because you were a boy and thought that was for girls
And Id giggle and run behind that tree, transforming back into that little girl
Who saw you and felt butterflies in her stomach
And you would stare, unsure of your feelings
Saying to your friends that you don’t’ like that girl, but secretly needed her
You would wonder where she was when she was out of your sight
Then we would grow, and grow and new feelings would come, puberty also
Not knowing that being so close to each other and sharing each other was fine
Not knowing that holding hands and comforting each other didn’t mean we liked each other
Yet we do like each other
We love each other
Underneath that tree we left a boy and a girl
Who were off in their own worlds
Not knowing that they would love each other
Not knowing that they would do anything for each other
Best friends forever, we never forgot it
So don’t leave, because I think, no, I know love you
That little girl still loves you
And you love me
So we walk on together as one back to the tree
Our tree of love

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